A Free Domain Is Pointing At My Site

As you may know, Dot TK (http://www.dot.tk) offers FREE domain name registrations, as well as PAID domains. When someone registers a Free Domain, that .TK domain is pointed to whichever existing site on the Internet the registrant requests.

It appears as though one of our registrants has elected to point their domain (www.theirdomain.tk) at your site (www.yourwebsite.com). Technically speaking, all this means is that you have an extra link to your site. It may appear as though the website stands alone with your content, however it is actually just captured in a frame.

You may elect to leave the .TK domain as it is, pointing at your site. Or, you may want to have the link/refer eliminated. It is entirely up to you. If you wish for us to remove the link to your site, because it might infringe your copyrights, please email copyrightmonkeytail.gifdot.tk and we'll handle your complaint within 5 business days.

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