Can My Domain Be De-Activated

If you wish to cancel a Free Domain you can do it within the "My Dot TK" Administration site.

Here is what you do:

  1. Go to: "My Dot TK" at
  2. To the left you will see -My Domains-. Below that you will see "Cancel Domain". Click on it.
  3. Then choose from the drop-down box, choose which domain you wish to cancel. Then click "Continue". This action will cancel that domain.
  4. Please keep in mind that the cancellation is effective immediately, making it available for any other person (with a different email address to yours) to register it. Additionally, you will no longer receive the other services associated with that Free Domain, such as the "Referral" URL and email forwarding. Also, if you have no other active Free Domains, your account may be considered inactive. Inactive accounts are removed from our system automatically.

IMPORTANT: entire accounts can be disabled ONLY if no domain names are present in the
account. Therefore, please cancel all domain names (with instructions as listed above) first.
Only empty accounts can be disabled. Accounts with one or more active or inactive Paid Domains cannot be disabled.

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