Everything About Trademark TK

At Dot TK we have pre-selected a list of trademarks, currently owned by the Global Fortune 500 companies. You just tried to register one of these preselected domain names.

You can only obtain the legal rights to this domain if you are the holder of the trademark rights, and if your company sponsors a smiling fee towards the various projects on Tokelau such as the Internet Project. The fee for a TRADEMARK domain sponsor contract depends on the number of trademarks your company has registered.

More information about tokelau can be found at the Tokelau website.

Find out how you can obtain a license agreement for your TRADEMARK domain by sending us a letter or fax to our address in the USA:

Taloha, Inc.
584 Castro Street #260
San Francisco CA 94114
Fax number: +1 800 704 2963
(toll-free from USA and Canada)

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