How To Disable The Ad Using SMS or Premium Rate phone call

The advertisement currently appears in the banner format of 468x60 pixels. This image size cannot be changed and is fixed.

Note that if there is a popup blocker active the advertisement will be replaced by an Adstart. This AdStart is an interstitial ad format. The Adstart will appear the 15 seconds prior to the forwarding to the referred webpage. Adstart ads are 300x250 pixels.

The banner advertisements we use on our services are carefully selected for their content and are chosen within our company and country guidelines.

For most countries it is possible to disable the advertisement by sending an SMS for a small fee or by calling a Premium Rate phone number. Within a couple of minutes after receipt of your SMS or phone call the advertisements will be disabled. If you do not receive an SMS in return from us, you will not charged.

Note: If you receive more than a 1000 hits every 90 days, the advertisement will be mandatory for those Free Domain names. If you receive more then 1000 hits every 90 days, and you want to disable the advertisement, we would like to ask you to upgrade to a Paid Domain.

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