How To Disable The Banner For Free

By allowing Dot TK to advertise on your website, you support the Tokelau Dot TK initiative, since Dot TK and Tokelau receive a fee from the banner advertisers.

Turning your banner off by SMS is only currently supported in Netherlands, Spain and the UK. This service will be available globally in Feb 2007. When it is available you will see the option in your My Dot TK under banner settings.

If you are not based in one of the abvove mentioned countries, for now, we would like to ask you to upgrade to a paid domain to remove your banner, or wait until the disable SMS service is live.

Note: If you receive more than a 1000 hits every 90 days, the pop up banner will be mandatory for those FREEDOMAIN.TK domain names. If you receive more then 1000 hits every 90 days, and you want to disable the banner, we would like to ask you to upgrade to PAIDDOMAIN.TK.

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