I Forgot My Password Account Info

If you cant remember your password and wish for us to remind you, you must request it via
the "MY Dot TK" Administration site.

First, go to "My Dot TK" at:

Below the email address and password boxes, you will see the link "Email me my password". Enter only your Email address (the one you used to create your Dot TK account), leaving the password field empty. Then click "Email me my password". We will send your password to you immediately, via email.

For security/privacy reasons, we can only assist you if you request your password via this method.
We appreciate your understanding.

No email addresses are given out. Unfortunately this means that if you no longer know your
original sign up email address, your domain has to expire before you can register it again.

IMPORTANT: ACCOUNT RESETS. If you tried to log in to your account more than 30 times with the wrong password, you will need to have your password reset before you can log in. Please email the email address as stated under 'contact us' on this Wiki.

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