My URL Forwarding Doesn't Work

You have an issue with linking your URL to your Dot TK domain name. This could happen because of one of the following reasons:

  1. The "Referer" URL (the site your Free Domain will be pointing to) must be an actual, live web address.
  2. We do not allow a Free Domain to point to a URL which is, itself just pointing to a different "Referrer" Web site. The site a Free Domain points to must be a live, stand-alone Web site. So, if you are attempting to have one of your Free Domain sites point to another (or ANY other Free Domain site), it is not allowed.
  3. It might be that your actual live web address runs on a different port then TCP port 80. If this is the case, you cannot use the Free Domain URL forwarding service with this web address.
  4. Your actual live web address might be using PHP, Perl or any other scripting language as the first webpage. This is not allowed. Only HTML (.html, .htm) pages are allowed to be used in conjuction with the URL forwarding service.

If you identify with any of the above, you can easily rectify the problem by pointing to a different, live URL, which no other Free Domain is pointing to.

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