This is a domain, which is of greater commercial value than a Free Domain, or even the typical Paid Domain. The criteria for a domain to be considered a SPECIAL DOMAIN, is a small number of characters (1, 2, or 3 characters, such as "a.tk", "rs.tk", or "abc.tk"). Or it may fall into a range of words or terms that have been identified as having greater value. For this reason, the annual registration fee is greater than for a typical Paid Domain.

We would be delighted to complete the registration for the SPECIAL DOMAIN that you have selected. It is likely to become a great piece of Internet Real Estate. With all of the good .com
names already taken, it is a great idea to get your .TK now, while it is still available!

In addition to allowing users to register a Paid Domain and SPECIAL DOMAIN, Dot TK
also offers you the opportunity to register a Free Domain . These are domains that can be
registered for FREE and are pointed to or "Referred" to an existing, live URL.

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