1. Why should I register a FREEDOMAIN.TK
  2. How do I activate my domain name
  3. Cannot upload my webpage
  4. How can I update my URL, keywords, site description or category
  5. Why won't registration accept my URL
  6. 25 unique visitor requirement explained
  7. Can my domain be de-activated
  8. What happens if the activation link does not work
  9. Who can I contact to sign up for web hosting services
  10. The domain name of my choice is already registered but not used
  11. Unclear why the domain name of my choice is not for free
  12. Will my site be submitted to search engines
  13. Why is my domain name no longer available
  14. It seems my domain name has been suspended or cancelled
  15. I forgot my password/account info
  16. Email forwarding
  17. How do I contact Dot TK
  18. Can I cancel my entire account
  19. Unclear why domain name is not available for registration
  20. Not received the confirmation email
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