Who Can I Contact To Sign Up For Web Hosting Services

The Dot TK Registry allows registrations of Free and Paid Domain names. However, we do not offer Web hosting services (a server to upload your Web Pages to). So, you can not upload any content by FTP or SCP to the Dot TK servers.

The way a Free Domain works is this:

When registering a Free Domain, we ask you what existing, live Web site, you want your .TK
domain to "point" to. We then link your .TK domain to that URL. This is called a "Referer"
URL. So, you must have a live URL somewhere on the Internet, to point your Free Domain to.

One of the advantages of getting your Free Domain domain is that you can get a nice,
short name (a top level domain, not a sub-domain!) to point to your other, longer, less memorable URL.

For example:
www.msmith.tk could point to

www.msmith.tk is a lot easier for your friends and family members to remember and will fit on your
business card better!

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