Why Won't It Accept My Payment

We are sorry that you have had problems making a payment for your domain. The Dot TK credit card verification system will check your given profile in your ‘My Dot TK’ against your credit card info. We use this system as an effective measure against credit card fraud. A common problem is the country that the credit card was issued in does not correspond to the country given in your profile. For example, a credit card issued in the Netherlands which is being used to make a payment from Spain will not be accepted.

Please check your profile information in My Dot TK and make sure it is valid. Below are general instructions on making a payment to Dot TK, which you may find helpful.

If you wish to secure your Dot TK domain name, you must register it via our Online Registration Process at our website (http://www.dot.tk).

1. Please read the following instructions if you do not own a Dot TK domain name yet:
Please click on this URL: http://www.dot.tk/en/pageA00.html

Then enter the name of the domain you wish to register. Then indicate that you wish for it to be a "Dot TK paid registration". Then just complete the following form/process.

Please read the instructions carefully. If you are going to pay by bank, the banking
instructions will be supplied to you by email, and are available under My Invoices
in My Dot TK after your purchase.

You have the option of registering the domain for any length of time between 2-9 years. If you register for more then two years, you will receive very attractive discounts!

2. Please read the following instructions if you already own a Free Domain name, but you wish to upgrade or register another domain name under the Paid Domain program:

Please login with your email address and password in My Dot TK.

You have two options there:

a) convert your existing Free Domain to a Paid Domain. To do this, please click on 'Pay for Domain' in the left menu. Please follow the remaining instructions carefully.

b) register a new Paid Domain. Please click on 'Add a new Domain' in the left menu. Please follow the remaining instructions carefully.

For all countries Dot TK accepts payment by credit card, Paypal and bank wire.
For registrants from the United States also checks and money orders are accepted.
For registrants from the United Kingdo also cheques are accepted.

Credit card information:
Please use your 16-digit credit card number, expiration
date and CVC code. The CVC code is the three digit code on the signature box on the backside of the credit card. It's printed on all VISA and MasterCard branded credit cards. The security code on American Express credit cards is the four digit code on the front of the American Express credit card.

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