Why won't registration accept my url

With regard to the problem you pointed out, this can happen for one of several possible reasons:

  1. The "Referer" URL (the site your Free Domain will be pointing to) must be an actual, live Web Address.
  2. We do not allow a Free Domain to point to a URL which is, itself just pointing to a different "Referrer" Web site. The site a Free Domain points to must be a live, stand-alone Web site. So, if you attempting to have one of your Free Domain sites point to another of your Free Domain sites (or ANY other Free Domain site), it is not allowed.
  3. At Dot TK we use a content monitoring system called WatchDot which will block a URL which is pointing to unacceptable content or domain name. Please refer to Dot TK's content policy's of what websites are acceptable at Dot TK:


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